Broward Air Conditioning Tips


Broward Air Conditioning

An average family in Broward County spends about 40% of the electricity bills on only air conditioning during the summer season. These following Broward air conditioning tips could be helpful in reducing monthly electricity bills and at the same time, you can keep your family cool during summer. you should also consider Broward air duct cleaning, it will get you a better air flow and higher efficiency cooling or heating system

Broward Air Conditioning Tips

• You do not need to cool the rooms that are not in use quite often. In case you have central air conditioning, the vents in rooms like guest bedrooms or bathrooms should be closed if those rooms are not in use. You must ensure to seal your ductwork properly. Additionally, you need to insulate the vents in the loft or basement, as these areas do not need cooling.
• Broward air conditioning tips suggests that you should buy a window or portable unit to cool an area of your house or one large room. Thus, you do not need to use energy to cool the rooms that you are not using. The latest portable air conditioners are very efficient, noiseless and they are able to cool a room faster while save money on your electricity bills. However, choosing a right size of air conditioning unit is important. If you buy a small air conditioner, you need to keep that on all the time to cool the room. On the other hand, a too big unit will consume more energy, which is not necessary.
• Using shades or blinds on the windows is necessary to block the direct sunlight. Keeping the windows closed during the daytime is also helpful to cool the rooms. If the outside temperature is cold at night, it is better to turn off the air conditioner and open the windows.
• In order to get good airflow and maximum efficiency, you must change the air conditioning filter once in a month.
• It is advisable to use the appliances like dishwasher, oven and cloth dryer in the evening, as they generate heat that make your air conditioning unit consume more energy. While cooking cover pots and use exhaust fan, so that the excess heat will not be able to travel around your home.

New Air Conditioner Will Save You Money

Along with the above Broward air conditioning tips, you must ensure to change your air conditioner if that is more than 15 years old. The modern air conditioners are very much energy efficient and they can save up to 50% of energy uses than the older units.

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